Since the start of Static Paper in 2005, the product received a lot of attention from the media. On this page you will find the most remarkabel press releases.

Family Expansion in Static Paper!

Besides Static Paper in Offset and Static Paper Digital is now availableStatic Static Paper Outdoor Static Paper Digital Large Format. This means that VAN AS really all-sufficient when it comes to static sticking.

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Final battle for Best Retail Excellence idea started

Static Paper, FlowFabric and Jutes Simulation are the nominees in the last row of ten to reach out ING Retail Awards 2011. These three suppliers and also business partner of the ING Retail Year Award are nominated by the jury last week.

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‘Bunnies Plague’ in Sophia Children’s Hospital

donatie Sophia Kinderziekenhuis

In the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, the next few weeks everyone will notice that Easter is coming. Everywhere in the hospital are hares found: on the windows, against the beds against the walls and doors.

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Static Paper appears ideal medium for guerrilla actions

To raise awareness DigiDaantje, GeldXpert developed the idea of ​​night throughout the striking DigiDaantje logo to paste. The choice for the paper was made quickly : Static Paper, the static type of paper that Van As Printed in Oud-Beijerland exclusively for the Benelux supplies.

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Albert Heijn also chosen Static Paper

"Albert Heijn had a particular interest in the application as static window sticker. The advantages of Static Paper is, that is very easy to apply and then just as easy to remove. The window sticker pulls itself down. This way there are no bubbles and continues the operation to six months.'' Explains account manager Rinske van As.

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Smaller print runs now also possible thanks to Static Paper Digital

After months of development and testing, Van As has now succeeded in making digital printing on Static Paper possible. Under the name 'Static Paper Digital', Van As Drukwerk is able to also offer the process starting at quantities of approximately 20 copies. Rinske van As: "Thanks to the options offered by digital printing, Static Paper Digital can also remain attractive in terms of price."

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Static Paper nominated for Gouden Z

The Gouden Z is an initiative launched by the industry organisation KVGO (Royal Dutch Association of Printing and Allied Industries) in which a professional jury judges some 100 entries, divided up into 5 categories.

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