Albert Heijn also chosen Static Paper

"Albert Heijn had a particular interest in the application as static window sticker. The advantages of Static Paper is, that is very easy to apply and then just as easy to remove. The window sticker pulls itself down. This way there are no bubbles and continues the operation to six months.'' Explains account manager Rinske van As.

With its presence at the Marcom and Promz trade exhibitions, VAN AS was able to pique many new potential customers’ interest in Static Paper. The paper is manufactured in the United States.  Thanks to the static charge, Static Paper clings to nearly any smooth surface such as windows, doors and walls.  The static effect continues to work for three to six months.  One important advantage is the easy application:  the paper adheres immediately and does not leave a glue residue behind when removed.

” Albert Heijn was particularly interested in the product’s application potential as a static window sticker. The advantages of Static Paper are that that paper is easy to apply, and just as easy to remove later. The window sticker adheres automatically.  This prevents bubbles from developing, and the effect remains intact up to six months”, Account Manager Rinske van As explains.

VAN AS recently introduced another innovation; Static Paper Digital, which makes it possible to use Static Paper for projects with very low print runs.