‘Bunnies Plague’ in Sophia Children’s Hospital

In the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, the next few weeks everyone will notice that Easter is coming. Everywhere in the hospital are hares found: on the windows, against the beds against the walls and doors.

Fortunately, thes are not real ones, but Easter bunnies and chicks on Static Paper: special paper with a static charge that easily attaches to any smooth surface. The action is a gift from Static Paper-printer VAN AS from Oud-Beijerland.  With Static Paper VAN AS took a few years back an absolute novelty in the printing industry to the Netherlands. The special treatment has been given the paper a static charge. That charge remains intact up to six months. As a result, the paper may be stuck to all surfaces that are smooth but somewhat. Removing the paper goes smoothly. Where adhesive stickers ever want to leave, there is at Static Paper no. Using several times the static stick remains intact. Because the stickers stand out, they are ideal for advertising campaigns and posters to paste. Many major national and international clients already make use of.

“For one of our customers, we have organized an Easter action. In addition there are a large number of static stickers with various Easter pictures remaining. We immediately suggested that remaining stickers to distribute to the children in the Sophia Hospital.” Rinske van AS tells , manager of Static Paper. Meanwhile, the stock of eight thousand stickers already in use in the hospital. The thousands of Easter bunnies and other characters have transformed the hospital in a cheerful yellow Easter!

statische stickers Paashazen