Hey, what kind of paper is that?

It’s not a sticker.  But it does stick.  Go on, take a guess, what is it? Good answer: Static Paper. For the brainiacs amongst you, it is propylene with a static charge. This is what allows Static Paper to adhere trouble-free to every surface which may respectably be referred to as smooth or slightly smooth. This includes windows and doors of course, but also mirrors, walls, ceilings, car windscreens, fitting rooms and many, many more applications which might spontaneously spring to mind. (provided they are clean and dry) After all, the potential applications for Static Paper are, let’s see, well, pretty much infinite.

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Glue residue a thing of the past

Static Paper adheres easily, and may be removed again effortlessly. And this means no glue residue.  This is what also makes it an interesting medium for applications where the surface absolutely must remain clean. The static paper keeps doing its job, month after month.  A minimum of five months, yet eight months is certainly no exception. And all that time, your message on Static Paper will retain its ‘staying power’. It is a medium that entices you to keep re-adhering it in other locations. And isn’t this the dream of every advertiser?