Static Paper appears ideal medium for guerrilla actions

To raise awareness DigiDaantje, GeldXpert developed the idea of ​​night throughout the striking DigiDaantje logo to paste. The choice for the paper was made quickly : Static Paper, the static type of paper that Van As Printed in Oud-Beijerland exclusively for the Benelux supplies.

The guerrilla action was part of the introduction campaign DigiDaantje, a new service from GeldXpert. Under this heading, the financial service consumers online access to information on mortgages, savings, investments and pensions.

Advantage of Static Paper is that the paper in an instant is to stick to smooth surfaces, adhesive is not necessary, because the paper is statically loaded. That charge remains intact usually three to six months. The paper is just like any other paper printing problems. Recently, also small quantities pressing Static Paper.

Armed with a large stock of stickers pulled VJ Valerio, known from TMF, at night through the area to smooth surfaces on the logo to confirm. That came to him almost like a fine stand of two zealous agents. When it became apparent that there is no glue brush came along (Valerio and therefore no property damaged), he came out unscathed. This opens Static Paper for other “game patches” the way to legally advertise products and services. Watch the movie where TMF VJ Valerio Old Beijerland under sticks and is stopped by police!

Geld Xpert Digidaantje