Family Expansion in Static Paper!

Besides Static Paper in Offset and Static Paper Digital is now availableStatic Static Paper Outdoor Static Paper Digital Large Format. This means that VAN AS really all-sufficient when it comes to static sticking.

Family Expansion in Static Paper!

The possibility of Static Paper to print on roll media makes it very attractive for large size printing in small quantities. Static Paper rolls are available in both white and transparent. The maximum width is 105 cm, each length is possible.

Static Paper Outdoor: wash-proof!

Static Paper Outdoor has over the past year has proven as an effective medium for outdoor advertising. Walls, windows, doors, if the material but a bit slippery, is guaranteed to stick. No joke: paste it on the company and make a tour through the car wash! For the administration: the maximum width is 90 cm, the length you determine. The outdoor version is only available in white.

Final battle for Best Retail Excellence idea started

Static Paper, FlowFabric and Jutes Simulation are the nominees in the last row of ten to reach out ING Retail Awards 2011. These three suppliers and also business partner of the ING Retail Year Award are nominated by the jury last week.

The prize is awarded to the supplier with the most relevant new product or service for retail. On 9 November the prize.
The ING Annual Retail Excellence Retail Price Best idea is introduced in 2010 and participation is exclusively for business partners and sponsors of the Annual Retail. The prize is awarded to the supplier with the most relevant new product or service for retail.
The winning product or service must meet the following criteria:

• the product or service must contribute to the efficiency and / or effectiveness within the channel, the retail organization and / or back office and / or the attraction, the transaction force and / or the value of your retail formula and / or the retail concept

• it must be a proven concept

• it must spread over all branches employable

‘Bunnies Plague’ in Sophia Children’s Hospital

In the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, the next few weeks everyone will notice that Easter is coming. Everywhere in the hospital are hares found: on the windows, against the beds against the walls and doors.

Fortunately, thes are not real ones, but Easter bunnies and chicks on Static Paper: special paper with a static charge that easily attaches to any smooth surface. The action is a gift from Static Paper-printer VAN AS from Oud-Beijerland.  With Static Paper VAN AS took a few years back an absolute novelty in the printing industry to the Netherlands. The special treatment has been given the paper a static charge. That charge remains intact up to six months. As a result, the paper may be stuck to all surfaces that are smooth but somewhat. Removing the paper goes smoothly. Where adhesive stickers ever want to leave, there is at Static Paper no. Using several times the static stick remains intact. Because the stickers stand out, they are ideal for advertising campaigns and posters to paste. Many major national and international clients already make use of.

“For one of our customers, we have organized an Easter action. In addition there are a large number of static stickers with various Easter pictures remaining. We immediately suggested that remaining stickers to distribute to the children in the Sophia Hospital.” Rinske van AS tells , manager of Static Paper. Meanwhile, the stock of eight thousand stickers already in use in the hospital. The thousands of Easter bunnies and other characters have transformed the hospital in a cheerful yellow Easter!

Static Paper appears ideal medium for guerrilla actions

To raise awareness DigiDaantje, GeldXpert developed the idea of ​​night throughout the striking DigiDaantje logo to paste. The choice for the paper was made quickly : Static Paper, the static type of paper that Van As Printed in Oud-Beijerland exclusively for the Benelux supplies.

The guerrilla action was part of the introduction campaign DigiDaantje, a new service from GeldXpert. Under this heading, the financial service consumers online access to information on mortgages, savings, investments and pensions.

Advantage of Static Paper is that the paper in an instant is to stick to smooth surfaces, adhesive is not necessary, because the paper is statically loaded. That charge remains intact usually three to six months. The paper is just like any other paper printing problems. Recently, also small quantities pressing Static Paper.

Armed with a large stock of stickers pulled VJ Valerio, known from TMF, at night through the area to smooth surfaces on the logo to confirm. That came to him almost like a fine stand of two zealous agents. When it became apparent that there is no glue brush came along (Valerio and therefore no property damaged), he came out unscathed. This opens Static Paper for other “game patches” the way to legally advertise products and services. Watch the movie where TMF VJ Valerio Old Beijerland under sticks and is stopped by police!

Albert Heijn also chosen Static Paper

"Albert Heijn had a particular interest in the application as static window sticker. The advantages of Static Paper is, that is very easy to apply and then just as easy to remove. The window sticker pulls itself down. This way there are no bubbles and continues the operation to six months.'' Explains account manager Rinske van As.

With its presence at the Marcom and Promz trade exhibitions, VAN AS was able to pique many new potential customers’ interest in Static Paper. The paper is manufactured in the United States.  Thanks to the static charge, Static Paper clings to nearly any smooth surface such as windows, doors and walls.  The static effect continues to work for three to six months.  One important advantage is the easy application:  the paper adheres immediately and does not leave a glue residue behind when removed.

” Albert Heijn was particularly interested in the product’s application potential as a static window sticker. The advantages of Static Paper are that that paper is easy to apply, and just as easy to remove later. The window sticker adheres automatically.  This prevents bubbles from developing, and the effect remains intact up to six months”, Account Manager Rinske van As explains.

VAN AS recently introduced another innovation; Static Paper Digital, which makes it possible to use Static Paper for projects with very low print runs.

Smaller print runs now also possible thanks to Static Paper Digital

After months of development and testing, Van As has now succeeded in making digital printing on Static Paper possible. Under the name 'Static Paper Digital', Van As Drukwerk is able to also offer the process starting at quantities of approximately 20 copies. Rinske van As: "Thanks to the options offered by digital printing, Static Paper Digital can also remain attractive in terms of price."

Static Paper is paper that is statically charged, allowing it to cling to any smooth (or nearly smooth) surface. The static charge remains intact for three to six months.  Van As Drukwerk is the exclusive supplier of Static Paper in the Netherlands. Up to now, the application was reserved for clients who were able to order the paper in large quantities.   “However, we are receiving increasingly more requests from customers who actually see a good solution for the product in limited quantities.   For example, a series of shop posters in small print runs, or a mailing from a company that only needs a few hundred copies,” says Rinske van As who has been working as the full-time account manager for the product for a few months now.

After months of development and testing, Van As has now succeeded in making digital printing on Static Paper possible.   Under the name ‘Static Paper Digital’, Van As Drukwerk is able to also offer the process starting at quantities of approximately 20 copies.  Rinske van As: “Thanks to the options offered by digital printing, Static Paper Digital can also remain attractive in terms of price.”
White and transparent

Variable printing is now also possible.  The formats are comparable to normal printing processes: from 7 x 7 cm up to A3 format. Another innovation is that Static Paper will also be available in a transparent form in the short term, in addition to the standard white option.
An additional benefit is that the delivery time for digital printwork can be shortened to approximately six days. The static charge will also remain intact even when the product is machine-dried, a method applied during digital printing.
If you would like further information on the subject of this press release, please contact us.

Static Paper nominated for Gouden Z

The Gouden Z is an initiative launched by the industry organisation KVGO (Royal Dutch Association of Printing and Allied Industries) in which a professional jury judges some 100 entries, divided up into 5 categories.

The Gouden Z is an initiative launched by the industry organisation KVGO (Royal Dutch Association of Printing and Allied Industries) in which a professional jury judges some 100 entries, divided up into 5 categories. Three companies are nominated for each category.  During the Gouden Z gala evening to be held by the KVGO on 9 December in Nijkerk, the three nominees in each category will be introduced, and the winner of the Gouden Z Award will be announced.   Although Static Paper was among the three nominees in the Innovation category, the Award went to Repro van der Kamp with the application it developed, ‘digital silkscreen’.

In honour of this special evening, we designed a set of Static Paper postcards printed with texts which made clever references to the ‘sticking’ possibilities Static Paper offers. The cards were used during the gala evening, giving the guests the opportunity to ‘illegally’ post them everywhere, and the reactions were absolutely positive. Although we ultimately just missed winning the Award, the evening was a huge success with overwhelming positive reactions to our new product, Static Paper.